U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary National Web Site


The Coast Guard Auxiliary is the civilian component of the United States Coast Guard. Auxiliary Logo As stated in the Coast Guard Authorization Act of 1996, "The purpose of the Auxiliary is to assist the Coast Guard as authorized by the Commandant in performing any Coast Guard function, power, duty, role, mission, or operation authorized by law."Along with active duty Coast Guard and the Coast Guard Reserve, the Auxiliary is a member of  Team CoastSeventh District Logo Guard. But, in contrast to active duty and reserve components, the Auxiliary is nonmilitary. The Auxiliary's role does not extend to any military or direct law enforcement mission. 
  • Public Education
  • Safety Patrol
  • Regatta Patrol
  • Patrols
  • Crew Augmentation on Coast Guard Vessels
  • Vessel Safety Checks 
  • Aids to Navigation Surveys
  • Marine Pollution Surveys and Investigations
  • Manatee Protection
  • Radio Watch Standing / Hawkeye Watch Standing
  • Administrative Support of Various Coast Guard Units
Just some of the ways the Auxiliary supports Team Coast Guard